Please remove template crop and safe area lines from your artwork before submitting to print.

Business Cards

Create print artwork using the correct business card dimensions and add a 3mm bleed around each edge. Download our business card PDF templates below to check your artwork dimensions.
 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
Credit Card Size 85mm x 55mm 91mm x 61mm Credit Card Size pdf download Credit Card Size jpg download
Folded Landscape 170mm x 55mm 170mm x 61mm Folded Landscape pdf download Folded Landscape jpg download
Folded Portrait 110mm x 85mm 116mm x 91mm Folded Portrait pdf download Folded Portrait jpg download

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
Credit Card 85mm x 55mm 91mm x 61mm Credit Card pdf download Credit Card jpg download
A6 105mm x 148mm 111mm x 154mm A6 pdf download A6 jpg download
A5 148mm x 210mm 154mm x 216mm A5 pdf download A5 jpg download
DL 99mm x 210mm 105mm x 216mm DL pdf download DL jpg download
A4 210mm x 297mm 216mm x 303mm A4 pdf download A4 jpg download
A3 297mm x 420mm 303mm x 426mm A3 pdf download A3 jpg download
Folded Leaflets

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
A5 fold to A6 210mm X 148mm 216mm X 154mm A5 fold to A6 pdf download A5 fold to A6 jpg download
A4 fold to DL (Trifold) 297mm X 210mm 303mm X 216mm A4 fold to DL (Trifold) pdf download A4 fold to DL (Trifold) jpg download
A4 fold to A5 297mm X 210mm 303mm X 216mm A4 fold to A5 pdf download A4 fold to A5 jpg download
A5 folded twice (Trifold) 210mm X 148mm 216mm X 154mm A5 folded twice (Trifold) pdf download A5 folded twice (Trifold) jpg download
A3 fold to A4 420mm x 297mm 426mm x 303mm A3 fold to A4 pdf download A3 fold to A4 jpg download
A3 folded twice (Trifold) 420mm x 297mm 426mm x 303mm A3 folded twice (Trifold) pdf download A3 folded twice (Trifold) jpg download

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
A3 297mm x 420mm 303mm x 426mm A3 pdf download A3 jpg download
A2 420mm x 594mm 426mm x 600mm A2 pdf download A2 jpg download
A1 594mm x 841mm 600mm x 847mm A1 pdf download A1 jpg download
A0 841mm x 1189mm 847mm x 1195mm A0 pdf download A0 jpg download

Download our booklet print templates below to see how printer page spreads should be setup with bleed.
8 Page A5 Booklet 8 Page A5 Booklet pdf download
12 Page A5 Booklet 12 Page A5 Booklet pdf download
16 Page A5 Booklet 16 Page A5 Booklet pdf download
20 Page A5 Booklet 20 Page A5 Booklet pdf download
24 Page A5 Booklet 24 Page A5 Booklet pdf download
28 Page A5 Booklet 28 Page A5 Booklet pdf download
8 Page A4 Booklet 8 Page A4 Booklet pdf download
12 Page A4 Booklet 12 Page A4 Booklet pdf download
16 Page A4 Booklet 16 Page A4 Booklet pdf download
20 Page A4 Booklet 20 Page A4 Booklet pdf download
24 Page A4 Booklet 24 Page A4 Booklet pdf download
28 Page A4 Booklet 28 Page A4 Booklet pdf download
Greeting Cards

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
A5 folded to A6 210mm x 148mm 216mm x 154mm A5 folded to A6 pdf download A5 folded to A6 jpg download
A4 folded to A5 297mm x 210mm 303mm x 216mm A4 folded to A5 pdf download A4 folded to A5 jpg download
Square folded 280mm x 140mm 286mm x 146mm Square folded pdf download Square folded jpg download
Roller Banners

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
Roller Banner Roller Banner pdf download Roller Banner jpg download
Outdoor Banners 2ft Drop

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
2x2ft Outdoor Banner 610mm x 610mm 2x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
3x2ft Outdoor Banner 914mm x 610mm 3x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
4x2ft Outdoor Banner 1219mm x 610mm 4x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
5x2ft Outdoor Banner 1524mm x 610mm 5x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
6x2ft Outdoor Banner 1829mm x 610mm 6x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
7x2ft Outdoor Banner 2134mm x 610mm 7x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
8x2ft Outdoor Banner 2438mm x 610mm 8x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
10x2ft Outdoor Banner 3048mm x 610mm 10x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
12x2ft Outdoor Banner 3658mm x 610mm 12x2ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
Outdoor Banners 3ft Drop

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
3x3ft Outdoor Banner 914mm x 914mm 3x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
4x3ft Outdoor Banner 1219mm x 914mm 4x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
5x3ft Outdoor Banner 1524mm x 914mm 5x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
6x3ft Outdoor Banner 1829mm x 914mm 6x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
7x3ft Outdoor Banner 2134mm x 914mm 7x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
8x3ft Outdoor Banner 2438mm x 914mm 8x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
10x3ft Outdoor Banner 3048mm x 914mm 10x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
12x3ft Outdoor Banner 3658mm x 914mm 12x3ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
Outdoor Banners 4ft Drop

 Print Size Bleed Size pdf jpg
4x4ft Outdoor Banner 1219mm x 1219mm 4x4ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
5x4ft Outdoor Banner 1524mm x 1219mm 5x4ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
6x4ft Outdoor Banner 1829mm x 1219mm 6x4ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
7x4ft Outdoor Banner 2134mm x 1219mm 7x4ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
8x4ft Outdoor Banner 2438mm x 1219mm 8x4ft Outdoor Banner pdf download
10x4ft Outdoor Banner 3048mm x 1219mm 10x4ft
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Paper (or 'stock' as printing geeks insist on calling it) takes many forms. So which type should you choose for your project?

Firstly, I should probably explain the difference between the various paper types: Coated vs Uncoated As the name suggests, coated paper has a coating, usually of china clay, which gives it a smooth finish. Coated papers are available in a gloss, silk (sometimes called satin) or matt finish and are used for projects requiring a fine finish, which is why coated paper is sometimes referred to as 'art' paper. Most of the leaflets you get through your letterbox, the glossy brochures you pick up from the travel agent and the fancy programmes you buy at concerts are printed onto coated paper.

Uncoated paper doesn't have a coating and is therefore not as smooth as coated paper. You will use uncoated paper in your laser printer and photocopier. Premium quality uncoated papers are used for business stationery and are becoming increasingly popular for use in prestigious brochures and catalogues as an alternative to the more commonly used coated papers. Uncoated papers are available in a range of finishes:

Laid paper is a premium quality paper with a textured pattern of parallel lines, similar to hand made paper. Commonly used for business stationery.

Wove paper is a premium quality paper with a uniform surface, not ribbed or textured like laid paper. Again, used mostly for business stationery.

Bond paper is a term commonly used to describe economical uncoated wove papers. You will probably use bond paper in your photocopier and fax machine.

It is normal practice to specify the 'thickness' of paper by its weight in grams per square metre (GM or GSM). A low quality photocopier paper is
usually around 80gsm; a good quality letterhead around 120gsm; a fast food menu around 130gsm, a postcard around 300gsm; and a business card around 350gsm. As papers are graded by weight, one manufacturer's 150gsm paper may seem slightly bulkier or thicker than a competitor's product. Also uncoated papers tend to be bulkier than their coated counterparts, whilst matt and silk coated papers tend to be bulkier than their gloss coated counterparts. That said, a paper's GSM rating is a good guide to how 'thick' or 'stiff' the paper will feel but always ask for paper samples if you're unsure. Card (or 'board' as it is usually called in the industry) is sometimes measured in microns (a micron is 1000th of a millimetre).

So, now that you know your 'business laids' from your 'matt coateds' - which one should you choose for your project?
Well, if you're creating a full colour document featuring photographs or colourful illustrations, you'll get the most vibrant colours if you opt
for a coated paper. Whether you choose a gloss, silk or matt finish is mostly down to your personal preference, although gloss paper will produce
the most vibrant colour reproduction. Some people think that gloss is classy, others consider it to be a bit tacky. Something to consider if your
document is being printed conventionally is that silk and matt papers should normally be machine sealed (a sealant is applied to the printed image
to avoid it being smudged). This may add to the cost of printing - check with your print contractor. Uncoated paper can be used for full colour
projects but colours tend to be less vibrant and unless you use a low quality bond paper, it could end up costing considerably more than if you'd
selected a coated stock. Due to its glossly finish, you should avoid using coated papers if your document is designed to be written on.
You're probably best opting for an uncoated stock instead.

Letterheads, compliment slips etc are almost always printed onto uncoated paper - 100gsm is normal, 120gsm adds prestige. There are literally hundreds of different brands of paper to choose from and individual printing contractors will tend to stock and promote a handful of their favourite ranges. If you plan to overprint your stationery using a desktop printer, make sure the paper is inkjet and/or laser compatible. It's also worth noting at this point that some printing and finishing processes are not inkjet/laser compatible. Ensure you double check before placing your order.

If you're simply after something cheap and cheerful most people think that a low quality uncoated paper is going to be the most economical option.
Not always the case! Printing companies tend to buy coated stock by the truck load and therefore get very good rates. If you're after the lowest
possible price, ask your printer to use his cheapest stock but ask to see a sample first to avoid any nasty surprises.

Finally, be aware that colour reproduction will differ depending upon the type of paper the ink is printed on. If you need accurate colour reproduction across a range of different documents, you may wish to use the same type of stock throughout. For instance, if your letterheads and compliment slips are printed onto an uncoated paper, you will probably want to choose an uncoated board for your business cards.
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