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FOAMEX (3mm and 5mm)
A solid, strong yet light-weight material which is extremely versatile

Printed on either 3mm or 5mm rigid foamex
High-quality full-colour print
Trimmed sides as standard
Light-weight and easy to install
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Maximum size 3.05m x 2.05m (10ft x 6ft 8in) in one piece
Foamex is perfect for in-office prints as it is very durable but light-weight. We can even apply a laminate coating for high-transit areas.
As the maximum board size is 3.05m 2.05m (10ft 6ft 8in) multiple boards can be printed and easily placed side by side to increase the image area.
As the foamex is light-weight it can be easily installed with the use of sticky-pads

Everything we produce is printed and finished to your requirements.
You can have whatever you wish printed on the banner and we have a banner design service here to help
if you are unable to create a file suitable for printing.

Correx (4mm)
Light-weight with a corrugated centre (aka fluted polypropylene)

Printed on 4mm Correx
High-quality full-colour print
Trimmed sides as standard
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Maximum size 2.44m 1.22m (8ft 4ft)
A popular use of Correx is for Estate Agency boards which are displayed outside of properties for sale, etc.
Each banner is printed and finished to your requirements. You can have whatever you wish printed on the banner
and we have a banner design service here to help if you are unable to create a file suitable for printing.

Please note, all Correx prints will be finished with a thin white border (approx. 5mm) around the edge.
This is to prevent cracking of the print when trimming.
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