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Do you own a business or company? You will certainly need a logo so that people will know who you are and where you stand! A good logo can be the difference between a successful business and a failing one. Get a good one, and the world will remember your company. A great, creative logo is not difficult to design. Follow the following steps and you will finally get a good creative logo design that will help you to build your brand identity and be with you for a long time.


(1) Consider why your company needs a logo

To give consumers a sense of security

To build corporate image

To build brand identity

To create market identity

To create and build consumer awareness

(2) Choose a cost effective logo design company that has the capacity and ability to create your great, creative logo. You will save your precious time.

(3) Keep your product in mind. Logos must have relevance to your product and services. You wouldn't want a logo with a car on it if your business is for computers.

(4) Focus on your target market.

(5) Follow your corporate colour theme.

(6) Choose a design that is scalable.

(7) Identify some successful logos that you like.

(8) Start with a rough sketch of what you may want it to look like. Think of many different possibilities, and discuss it with your employees. It will help you decide which one you would prefer the most.

(9) Keep your logo design simple. It should be easy to memorize.

(10) Try and incorporate your business name, message or sell line.

(11) Make sure that the logo fits your stationery and all marketing promotional materials.

(12) Keep in mind the adaptability make sure that your logo is made with the flexibility to adapt to all business situations, markets, etc.

(13) Don't stick with one design, create as many as you can; show them to your family or friends and ask them what they think of them; tell them to be honest.Don't be disappointed if they don't like them...just try again until you're happy with your design. Another test is to show it to someone for a short time (i.e 3 seconds) and them ask them to draw it. If they can remember most of it then it is memorable. If they're lost about what to draw...then try another design.

(14) Finally try to use Illustrator or Inkscape for your logo design. Many of the industries out there are utilizing these software for vectors.


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